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Shane Porter
5th-Jan-2008 08:15 am - A change
little smile
I've changed my layout. I found a site that had a lot better stuff than LJ provides. This suits how I'm feeling, I guess.

I friended my brother's journal. I might talk to him at some point. Big might. I guess he can see this. If he can, I should tell him not to bother commenting here because he won't get a reply. I'm in a fucking lousy mood. Inez is going to bake me some chocolate cookies. Like that'll help. But at least they taste really good.
15th-Dec-2007 11:55 am - what am I doing here?
little smile
Inez said I could use her computer any time I want so here I am. I used to have a Myspace page but I shut it down after my mom died. There's too much stuff over there I don't want to deal with right now. My friends don't know how to talk to me anymore and they just make me feel worse. Inez told me about this place and if I hate it here it's no big deal to leave it too. So far LJ just seems like a better class of losers than MS. And what's up with that fucking goat?

I used to keep a written journal but that was because Mom got me an awesome blank book when I was ten and got me hooked. I loved writing in it. I filled it up pretty quick with stories and stupid junk. My old journals are in boxes in storage. There's not enough room here for my stuff. Plus I don't know if I'll be here for long. Inez is nice and wants to take care of me but she said her son isn't happy with me being here. He's my brother. I found that out when I got here. He's old so I know we have nothing in common.

Inez is calling me for dinner. I might write more later.
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